BLARK : Basic LAnguage Resource Kit
 What is BLARK ?


 How to use BLARK matrices ?

BLARK matrices



      ELDA has been working at implementing BLARK matrices, to highlight the gaps with regards to LRs needed for specific applications and for as many languages as possible. Further to its own experience and other reports from partners such as the Dutch initiative, ELDA implemented and improved its original matrix which first attempted to cross-link the types of language resources with respect to the languages that could be identified as required languages.

      In order to understand the needs in a clearer and more complete way, ELDA has extended its matrix to a list of potential applications and modules to be cross-linked with the LRs needed and corresponding languages. The resulting matrices come in part from works carried out within the European project called NEMLAR.

      Two matrices (Applications versus Modules and Language Resources versus Modules) have been made accessible and modifiable directly from the ELDA web site.